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webinar 28 06 2017 Spectral Decomposition & color blending
Seismic to Well Tie
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Geobodies 3D Modeling
Fault Interpretation
Frequency Filtering and Color Blending
Rock Properties Modeling
PaleoScan™ Data Connector - Petrel®
Well Top QC and Geological Interpretation
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Innovatice and Interactive Methods emphasizing geological events through soectral decompostion New Zealand case study .pdf

B. DurotM.M. MangueB.L. LuquetJ.P.A. Adam and N.D. Daynac, 79th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2017, Extended Abstract, Paris, 12th June 2017

Method to generate a watertight Model directly from a seismic Volume.pdf

F. Pauget and S. Lacaze, 79th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2017, Extended Abstract, Paris, 12th June 2017


Enhanced Fault Imaging from Seismic and Geological Model
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Transforming Exploration
Rhonda Duey (Hart Energy),, July 2016

Methodology and results of Nile Delta Messinian-Pliocene Holistic 3D seismic interpretation - A case study from the Disouq area, Onshore Nile Delta, Egypt
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New technique for Rock Physics prediction based on the seismic interpretation
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Interpretation of complex faulted deposits in the North Sea using the relative geological time model
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Global Technique in Seismic Interpretation for Reservoir Detection and Characterization
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Global method for seismic-well tie based on real time synthetic model
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A Multi Scale Approach on Large Seismic Volumes – Tunisia Case Study
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2nd International Conference on Fault and Top Seals – From Pore to Basin Scale. Montpellier, France, 21 - 24 September 2009.
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