I. Can we work with 2D lines?

Yes, the 3D automatic horizon tracking workflow can also be applied to 2D lines. 3D Geo-Models and Horizon Stacks can be generated from 2D lines interpretation.

II.Can I give the priority to a specific 2D line for the mis-tie corrections?

In PaleoScan, the mis-tie corrections applied to 2D line is not static but variant, it is therefore not possible to define a specific 2D line as a reference for the correction. All the 2D lines move up or down in relation to one another, according to the marked horizons.

III. I forgot one line in the 2D line set, can I add it after the Model-Grid has been generated?

2D lines can be added to an existing 2D Model-Grid by right clicking on an existing 2D interpretation and selecting the Add 2D Line(s) option from the pull-down menu. This option is also available from the Model-Grid toolbar. The user will then need to run an Automatic Propagation in order to generate links between nodes on the added 2D lines.


IV.The 2D Geo-Model preview on my model grid is empty, why is that?

On 2D Model-Grids, the Geo-Model preview is computed and displayed according to the marked horizons only. Therefore, the user first needs to mark at least two horizons before launching the preview.


V.Can I obtain a pseudo 3D Geo-Model from a 2D line set?

Yes, it is possible. To do so the user needs to have generated a 2D Horizon Stack. They then need to use the 2D Horizon Stack Interpolation option to generate a 3D Horizon Stack. This option is available from the Horizon Stack toolbar, from the Project Browser context menu or from the 2D Horizon Stack context menu.


Finally, the 3D Geo-Model from Horizons tool, available from the Horizon toolbar can be used to generate the 3D Geo-Model, using the 2D interpolated Horizon Stack as an input.