I.What are the mouse mode shortcuts keys? 

Selection: F    




Cross Navigation: G




Translation: H or Press Mouse Wheel




Zoom in/out: Right Mouse Click + Mouse motion or ALT + Roll Mouse Wheel  


Eraser: SHIFT + Left Mouse Click

Polyline: SHIFT + R




Move Anchor Points: SHIFT + L




Object editing: E




II. What are the 2D Viewer shortcuts keys?

- Scroll 1 line: Mouse wheel

- Scroll 10 lines: SHIFT + Mouse wheel

- Viewer Synchronization/Assign color bar: ALT + Drag and drop

- Display 2D section in 3D: F3 or ALT + Drag and drop

- Context menu from viewers: ALT + Right mouse click

III. General Keys

- Undo/Redo: CTRL+Z/ CTRL+Y

- Select all: CTRL+A

- Select faults: CTRL+F

- Select horizons: CTRL+H

- Select logs: CTRL+L

- Save selected objects: CTRL+S

- Remove selected objects: DEL

- Online help: F1

IV. What are the Geological time model shortcuts keys?

- Edit horizon: W

- Mark horizon: M

- Hide/Show marked horizons: X

- Clear horizon viewer: Space bar

- 2D Geo-Model Preview: T

- Full forcing: D

- Partial forcing: Q

- Select Model-Grid horizons: CTRL+M

V. What are the Fault interpretation shortcuts keys?

- Fault picking: SHIFT + F

- Clear Current picking: C

- Fault validation: Space Bar

VI. What are the Geobody picking shortcuts keys?

- Polygon creation: V

- Clear polygon: C

VII. What are the Sequence stratigraphy shortcuts keys?

- Stratigraphic mode: J

- Flattening: T