I. Can we pick faults in different directions?

Yes, when the user starts picking a fault in the Inline direction, they can keep picking the fault in other directions such as Xline, Time Slice and even on Horizon Stacks.

II. Can we merge/split faults?

Yes, it is possible to merge two or more faults using the Faults Merging/Splitting tools available from the Fault toolbar. It is also possible to split a fault which has been previously merged.


III. Can we edit a fault after having validated it?

Yes, the user needs to click on the EDIT icon of the Fault picking toolbar and then double click on the fault that they wish to edit. They can add, move or remove fault sticks.


IV.How does PS work with Reverse fault interpretation?

PaleoScan can deal with reverse fault by generating two horizons for the same event. In case of a steep dip, everything works fine. In the case of a low angle fault, PaleoScan can handle the reverse fault if there is a low throw.