I.What are the import formats?

import formats_FAQ.png

II. What are the export formats?

  • 3D volume: SEGY
  • Horizons: Charisma, Geoframe, Openworks, Kingdom, Gocad or Custom format
  • Faults: Charisma, IESX, Gocad, Fault Sticks or Fault Plane
  • Well: LAS 2.0
  • Geobodies: Gocad or ASCII
  • Layers: Gocad
  • Color bars: ALUT
  • Polylines: ASCII

III.Which plugins are available?

Eliis has developed 2 plug-ins (Petrel and Decision Space). Another plug-in has been developed by FFA to exchange data between PaleoScan and Geoteric.

IV. Can we change the unit if we imported the wrong one?

It is possible to change the unit of certain objects by clicking on the UNIT icon. This tool is a correction tool and not a conversion tool, it changes the unit of the objects.