I.What does vertical window size mean?

The vertical window size represents the number of samples taken into account for the calculation of the attribute, centred on the horizon. For instance, if the user takes a vertical window size of 7 samples, this means PaleoScan will take into account 3 samples above the horizon, 1 sample along the horizon and 3 samples below the horizon. The size of one sample corresponds to the vertical resolution of the volume.

II.Can I calculate attributes on all types of volumes?

The type of input volumes on which the different attributes can be calculated can be identified thanks to the icons.


Attribute to be computed on seismic volumes


Attribute to be computed on Geomodel


Attribute to be computed on seismic volumes and/or Geomodels

III. Why can’t I have access to all the 3D attributes when generating a Real-time attribute in the properties panel of a 2D display?

Real-time attributes are calculated along the plan of the displayed section, therefore, only 2D attributes can be generated. An attribute based on 3D computations would be too computationally expensive to display that way.